Thrifty Movers & FastGood4Cheap Moving Services is hiring.

FastGood4Cheap Moving Services of America's Choice Business Group is now hiring contract movers. We currently have 3 positions open and a supervisor position. You may apply for one or all available positions. Starting rates are listed with each position. Pay increases EVERY 90 days of $1 per hour without any issues of damage/customer or manager complaints, up to a maximum of $17 per hour for passengers and $19 per hour for drivers. Pay increase available prior to 90 days for individuals that receive great reviews from our customers and manager. Movers with Open/full time availability are guaranteed at least 120 work hours per month. Part time/flexible schedule positions are also available.

Please note, this is a contract position. As moves are available, we will offer them to you, it is up to you to accept or decline. As a contractor, we can not force you to take a move. However, once you accept a move, you will be expected to arrive on time, perform in a manner that is adequate to the customer as well as the company and complete the move. Contractors with a great record of dependability as well as positive customer feedback are given priority when moves become available.


CURRENT AVERAGE PAY WITH RATES AND TIPS COMBINED: $12 TO $19 per hour. If you do not average at least a minimum of $12 per hour, then either your customer service skills are lacking or you are not performing your job to the customers satisfaction. Currently, we do not have any passenger at any of the branches averaging less that $13 per hour or any driver averaging less than $15 per hour. Contractors are fully paid at the end of every day (we have found that this helps decrease the chances of someone calling off or pulling a no show)

1. Meet the truck ($10 per hour): (For the first 2 moves, you will be required to meet at truck parking) For this position, you will meet the truck at the pickup and/or drop off locations. When a move is available, the manager will send a text with the address or addresses of the move. We may need assistance only with loading, only with unloading or at both locations of the move. You may accept the move or decline it. The pay rate is $10 per hour, with time starting upon arrival and ending when you are dismissed. Your rate and tips will be paid after each move. 

2. Driver ($12 per hour load/unload. $10 per hour drive time and non-labor time). MUST HAVE a valid drivers license. NO CDL required. The company is responsible for claims/damages to our commercial vehicles and customers property regardless of fault. Drivers are responsible if deemed negligent for tickets and other property damages/claims if deemed at fault by the police. When a move comes in the manager will text when you will be required to be at our Warehouse/Parking. You may accept or decline the move. Your time starts when scheduled to arrive at the warehouse and ends upon return. Rate and tips are paid at the end of the day

3. Passenger ($10 per hour for loading/unloading and $8.10 per hour when riding in the truck and other non labor time). When a move comes in the manager will text when you will be required to be at our Warehouse/Parking. You may accept or decline the move. Your time starts when scheduled to arrive at parking and ends upon return. Rate and tips are paid at the end off the day

4. SUPERVISOR: a supervisor still performs either the driver or the passenger position, but in addition is responsible for paperwork, key holder, communication with the manager, handling money and submitting move and payroll information through our website. The position adds $1 per hour for labor time and $1 per hour to for non-labor time. So if you filling the driver position and are a supervisor, you would be paid $13 per hour for labor and $11 for non-labor. Or for the passenger position with supervisor pay, $11 per for labor and $9.10 per hour for non-labor. After 90 satisfactory days as supervisor, a bonus plan will be implemented. 

PLEASE NOTE: You must be neat in appearance and reasonably physically fit. Must also have an adequate vocabulary with emphasis on great customer service. We do not hire anyone that our customers may not feel comfortable having in their homes. We pride ourselves on having clean cut personable movers and have no desire to be known as "two thugs and a truck" :) MUST BE ABLE TO PASS A BACKGROUND CHECK AS WELL AS DRUG SCREENING.

To apply: complete the online application by clicking "APPLY for MOVING JOB" from the selections at the left of the page.  The application takes about 4 minutes.  NO phone calls. Please note, we do require a picture since your initial interview is done by phone and the owner of the company does not live locally. The picture is only for the purpose of verifying the appearance and fitness requirements. The PICTURE is a REQUIREMENT in order to obtain the initial phone interview and a job with our company. Applications without a picture will be declined.

Apply by clicking on the "APPLY for MOVING JOB" LINK at the left of this page.

 Office positions for Columbus Ohio and Fort Lauderdale FL 

CURRENTLY HAVE POSITIONS IN COLUMBUS OHIO AND FORT LAUDERDALE FLORIDA.  Both positions are part time (around 20 hours per week).  However, if you would also like a position with the moving company, you will receive 40 hours per week total.  If you wish to do both, please use the apply moving job link.  Preference given to applicants that want the office position as well as a moving position.

*answer phone
*book moves 
*give quotes
*craigslist items 4 sale, sell items, use cash register 
*craiglist ads for the moving company
*update website
*orgainize and clean the building
*enter in quickbooks
*paperwork/general admin duties
*payroll for the movers
*handle and account for money
*get moving trucks ready and check in on return
*other duties as needed

Contract position (unsupervised...working alone) that pays $10 per hour plus bonus.  Typical bonus can range from zero, if profits were not increased over the previous 30 days as compared to last year, up to an extra $10 per hour.  The bonus is applied as an hourly rate increase daily.  For example, if the bonus rate for the past 30 days is $6, then your rate would be $16 per hour.  The bonus rate is calculated daily on the previous 30 days profit goals.  If you are also filling a moving position, the bonus is also added onto the moving hourly pay.  The average bonus currently is around $2.50 per hour.  The better you are at your position, since the position will directly affect profit, the more the bonus will increase.