This page is dedicated to a customer, Helen (Gebreamlak) Cunningham of Reynoldsburg Oh, that chose to post a 1 star false review for the sole purpose of damaging the business.  Complete documentation is below:

As you will see from the following documentation, the customer was aware of the truck size and at no point was there a promise that the move would take a certain amount of time.  Only a minimum.  Once the movers arrived, the customer demanded the move be done for the minimum, regardless of how long it took.  When we refused, she canceled, then proceeded to slander us.  

Link to a video on our facebook page with the recorded phone call that clearly shows the review is false:
Here is the contact form submitted on the website by the customer:

12/30/17 (6 days ago)
to me
*** Please do not reply to this message. ***
*** This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does not accept incoming email. ***

You have received a form submission on your website.

Please provide as much information as possible so we can answer your question properly::   I need to be moved into a small 3 bedroom town home  from a 3 bedroom town home

FOR MOVING:  I am interested in a:   HOURLY RATE moving quote
FOR MOVING:  What size truck?:   20ft - lg 2BR/sm 3BR (1015cuft) South FL
MOVING: I AM REQUESTING THE FOLLOWING RATE FOR MY MOVE (if responding to an ad, list the ad number/coupon number or rate in the ad):  $:   $59 an hour yelp January 4th discounted day

FOR MOVING:  Address of pickup:   2309 Hoover avenue
FOR MOVING:  Address of drop off:   137 wagnalls court

FOR MOVING:  date of move (some dates have a scheduling fee due to heavy scheduling, check your areas main page for a list of the dates):   01/02/17
Alternate date of move:   if the date chosen above is not available or a cheaper rate is available::   01/04/17

FOR MOVING: I agree to give a minimum of a 48 hour notice to cancel or will pay a fee.  Under 48 hours but more than 24 hour notice, $40 fee.  4 hours up to 24 hour notice $80.  Under 4 hours, the minimum cost of the move will be due.:   YES - No deposit required

FOR MOVING:  Description of furniture and other items to be moved::   Household items,clothes,Tvs,beds,dressers



12/31/17 (5 days ago)
to Hgebramlak
Reynoldsburg to Pickerington 
The 2nd is fully booked unless there is a cancellation.
The 4th has one truck remaining:  16ft box truck and 2 movers (reg rate $65 per hour):  $55 per hour.  3 hour minimum.
mileage:  $10
truck fee (Reg rate $80):  $40
trip fee (reg rate $80):  $0
scheduling fee (reg rate $40):  $0
over 3 hours, add $55 per hour billed in 1 hour increments.
With a 3 bedroom, there will most likely be a 2nd trip, however, with the close distance and the cheaper rate on the 16ft compared to the $60 per hour on the 20ft, it should come out about the same.  Mileage is only charged once regardless of the number of trips.  Time starts upon arrival at your 1st address and ends when the move is done.  
Estimated arrival time:  between 12pm to 3pm with periodic notifications until narrowed to 30 minutes.


Helen Gebramlak

12/31/17 (5 days ago)
to me
I'll go with the 4th  but if you get cancellations for the 2nd please let me know thank you! 

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6:50 PM (5 hours ago)
to HelenJohnfastgood4cheap.
I sent you the recording that you had the night before your move with the booking agent which shows your review is completely false.  I am in the process of pulling the recording with the business owners as well as the movers.  Below, I will break down your review and at the end go over the amount you currently owe.
Terrible customer service don't be fooled by the fake reviews (look at the reviews, most have reviewed several companies, they are not fake!  Easily proven false)I scheduled a move and requested a 20 foot truck (you were informed in writing in your quote that only a 16ft would be available and that according to your list everything would most likely not fit in one load, you confirmed the move anyway with full knowledge of the truck size). The day before my move I called to discuss my move,and was spoken to VERY rudely which turned out to be the boss (you were speaking to the booking agent, he was not rude, he was trying to get you to cancel because he felt something was wrong and there was going to be an issue with your move.  He offered to cancel without penalty)  The day of the move, you spoke to the business owner that tried every way to help but you refused and were very rude). Told me do I want it or not I can go somewhere else. The movers arrived in a 16 foot truck and told me it'll take 6 hours to move me and multiple trips which would've been ALOT more than I was quoted (you were never quoted a maximum time, only a minimum.  The quote was 100% accurate and the company owner offered to have the guys load for 1.5 hour and unload for 1.5 hours to keep you at a 3 hour minimum.  You refused). I had to cancel the move and scramble to find new movers to move me because ALL of my items were packed (you chose to cancel.  The owner tried to talk to you and said he would talk with the movers and call you back.  You not only refused to answer, you had the movers leave). I would NOT recvomend this company! Update I'm being called a liar and a crook for telling the truth but yet he has called me FIVE times from different numbers to take my review down who's really a liar and crook? Furthermore what real business owner speaks that way about a potential customer,?? (You are a liar.  The documentation and phone recordings show it)
I'm not really sure where you get ANY fault with the moving company.  Your quote was 100% accurate.  We can only go on what you tell us!  Your move was large, not small as stated in your phone conversation.  Also at the end of the conversation, you even said the 16ft truck was more than sufficient.  So, I'm not sure where you get the company did anything wrong!  You knew the quote, was informed of the truck size, was informed that the move would probably be more than 1 trip from your list and was given an opportunity to cancel.
Instead you wait until the movers get there and they inform you that it is going to be over 3 hours and get upset!  They were being honest.  It was an hourly rate move, the 3 hours is a minimum, it does not mean your move will be done in that time.  

The owner was going to overlook that you owe the minimum for the move since you cancelled after the movers arrived.  Per your contract, the minimum is due.  With your review and slander, we will be enforcing the agreement.  


Helen Gebramlak

7:21 PM (4 hours ago)
to me
I DONT OWE YOU SHIT!!!! You're a delusional lunatic coke snorter I know people that know you you suffer from short man syndrome so you attack people now do you want to keep going? Cause I feel threatened 

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If you notice, she refused to address the facts in the email but instead chose to send crazy accusations that have nothing to do with the review or our response.  So I try yet again to get her to address the facts with a followup email:


8:49 PM (3 hours ago)
to Helen
You have the quote.
You knew the minimum.  You knew the truck size.  It never listed a promise of a maximum amount of time or even gave an estimate of how long the move would take.
You have the recorded phone call from the night before where you stated it would take less than 3 hours and that the 16ft would be plenty big enough.
Then the movers arrive, were honest, and informed you it would be over 3 hours and then you got angry and demanded we fix it.  Fix what?  We didn't do anything wrong.
The business owner calls you, because I knew I didn't want to deal with you, and you were rude to him when tried to be as polite as possible even though nothing you were saying made any sense.  He is always polite, regardless of how rude a customer is to him.  He then tells you, he will call you back after he talks to the movers and see what he can do, but you refuse to answer.
Then you cancel without ever speaking to the owner again.  The owner pays the movers and fuel and doesn't bother you anymore.  He doesn't even mention that technically you owe the minimum.
You write a completely false review and now instead of addressing the facts respond back name calling and crazy accusations.  You have yet to ever mention any of the facts listed in the emails or the recorded phone calls!  You are purposely avoiding discussing the facts and use your crazy responses to avoid any logical discussion.  All of this is completely FAKE.  

Her response...not to address the facts yet again but continue the crazy talk:

Helen Gebramlak

8:51 PM (3 hours ago)
to me
Lmfao you hurt your own employees paying them crumbs now shut the fuck up before I go buy a box truck and put your door head ass out of business get back to Craig's list buying prostitutes yeah I know all about you short shit 

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Will soon be posting the phone calls.....