The form at the bottom of the page is used to submit items for consignment, store credit or cash.  It also for customer use for layaway and buy here pay here.   Please be sure to answer the required questions. 

We can take your items into our store in the following way:
Consignment:  Get the most out of your items!!!  Rates from 50% to 90% based on what the item sells for.
Consignment rates:
$5 to $24:  50/50 split
$25 to $99:  60% to you/40% to the store
$100 to $999:  75% to you/25% to the store
Over $1000:  90% to you/10% to the store
We update consigment sells daily on the internet and will send an email to you whenever something sells.  Pick up your money whenever the store is open!
For consignment, you may bring in up to 10 items today.  After 5 items sell, you may bring in up to another 10 items.
Store Credit:  Get store credit to use today or any day with a 40% rate.  For example, an item that we price $10 will get you $4 in store credit.  If you don't use all your store credit, we will keep a running balance for you to use anytime!
Cash:  We can buy your items for cash at the rate of 25%.  For example, if we price the item to sell in the store for $10, you will get $2.50.  Due to our tag sales of up to 75%, we only buy items for cash at low rates so that we do not lose money if the item goes on discount.  When asking for cash for an item, request the lowest amount that you will accept for each item.  If we refuse your request, you may switch to store credit or consignment.  If you refuse our offer of store credit or consignment, you will no longer be permitted to bring items in for cash for a minimum of 90 days.  Cash available for up to 3 items today.  If you accept the cash for the items, you may bring in up to 3 more items after 7 days.
Donation:  Give the items to the store for free for the Charity "Cancer Research and Awareness"  Donation Receipts available upon request.  FREE PICKUP FOR DONATIONS. 

PICKUP FEE FOR CONSIGNMENT:  $20 for 1 mover and a truck or $40 for 2 movers and a truck plus $1.89 per mile calculated from the store to your address and back to the store.  Fee for pickup will be taken out of your portion of the consignment.  No money due at pickup)
EXAMPLE OF HOW OUR RATES WORK based on an item that we would price in the store at $10:
Retail:  $10
Cash Today for you:  $2.50
Store Credit:  $4.00
Consignment:  $5.00 (pickup after item sells)
Donation:  Donation Receipt