CURRENTLY HAVE POSITIONS IN COLUMBUS OHIO, COVINGTON LOUISIANA AND FORT LAUDERDALE FLORIDA.  Office positions are part time (around 20 hours per week).  However, if you would also like a position with the moving company, you will receive 40 hours per week total.  If you wish to do both, please use the apply moving job link.  Preference given to applicants that want the office position as well as a moving position.

*answer phone
*book moves 
*give quotes
*craigslist items 4 sale, sell items, use cash register 
*craigslist ads for the moving company
*update website
*organize and clean the building
*enter in quickbooks
*paperwork/general admin duties
*payroll for the movers
*handle and account for money
*get moving trucks ready and check in on return
*other duties as needed

*The Fort Lauderdale position requires some driving of your personal vehicle.  Mileage Reimbursement of .20 cents per mile plus hourly rate.  

Contract position (unsupervised...working alone) that pays $10 per hour plus bonus.  Typical bonus can range from zero, if profits were not increased over the previous 30 days as compared to last year, up to an extra $10 per hour.    For example, if the bonus rate for the past 30 days is $6, then your rate would be $16 per hour.  The bonus rate is calculated monthly on the previous 30 days profit goals.  If you are also filling a moving position, the bonus is also added onto the moving hourly pay.  The better you are at your position, since the position will directly affect profit, the more the bonus will increase.  Higher profits will also increase your hours.