Why do some dates have scheduling fees - due to heavy scheduling, a fee is added to certain dates because the dates are in demand.  Check your areas page for a list of the date and fees.  If you are flexible with the date, you can avoid the fee.  

If I select a flat rate, will my rate be increased during my move?  NO, as long as the information that you submitted on your contact form is correct.  Optional surcharges, such as disassembly, assembly or if a 2nd trip is needed will increase your rate.  

Why is everything kept in writing versus telephone?  Telephone quotes and reservations leave room for "he said, she said" scenarios where there is no proof that something was ever stated.  Keeping everything in writing protects both the moving company and the customer.  It gives both parties something to refer to if needed.

Why are quotes non-negotiable?  When the quote manager does a quote, the lowest rate possible will be given based on your contact form and the date of the move.  Because it is the lowest rate possible, it leaves no room for further discounting.  

Why is there a cancelation fee?  We only charge a fee if you do not cancel prior to 48 hours to your move.  Under 48 hours does not give enough time in order to book a replacement move which causes loss of profit.  

Why is my arrival time a 3 hour window?  It is very difficult to predict the exact time that movers will arrive due to being limited to a rough estimate of how long each move will take.  If the move prior to yours is more time consuming then expected, then the arrival will be later in the window.  Traffic and other issues also play a part in the time of arrival.  Also the window is needed for scheduling in order to better organize the day.  Over 95% of the time, the movers will arrive within the scheduled window.  Periodic notifications will be sent until your window is narrowed to 30 minutes.

I booked online and it says no trip fee, but I'm being charged a mileage fee.  The trip fee is waived for local moves if booked online for 1 quote.  A trip fee is for the trip from our warehouse and back to our warehouse.  We waive this fee if you book online.  The mileage fee is $1.89 per mile between your two addresses.  The mileage fee is not waived.

Is loading my vehicle part of the flat rate?  No.  For the flat rates, the movers are there to load our truck.  Our insurance does not cover items transported in vehicles other than our trucks.  In addition the flat rate quote also does not cover labor to load your personal vehicle.  The movers will load your vehicle on hourly rates, but our insurance will not cover the items.

Point of contact for the day of my move for any issues?  Yes, the Business Group Manager handles all communication for all the branches:  513-578-0319.

What forms of payment do you accept?  Cash or Card (cards have a 3.89% surcharge to cover processing)

When do I pay?  Flat rate payment is due upon arrival at your new address.  Hourly rate payment of the base 2 or 3 hours and mileage is due upon arrival at your 1st address and the remainder if any over the base hours is due at the conclusion of the move.  

For flat rates, why is there a charge for stairs, elevators and distance to load/unload?  Flat rates are based on an average move from a 1st floor to 1st floor.  The surcharges, which are submitted with your quote and agreed upon for confirmation, are for moves that take longer than average.  Stairs and elevators slow the move as well as long loading or unloading distances (actual walking from your homes to the truck).  

Which is better, flat rates or hourly rates?  Flat rates are usually better. With flat rates there is no time tracking, it puts less pressure on the customer as well as the movers which results in a smoother move without issues and you will know in advance the exact cost of your move.  However, if you have a small move that you know will take less than 3 hours, then hourly rates are usually the better option as far as pricing.  If you are unsure of how long it may take or know that it will take longer than 3 hours, then flat rates are better to be safer on pricing, since you will already know the cost and neither the movers or you will be worrying about time.   

On hourly rates, why is there a 2 to 3 hour minimum?  In order for the company to make a profit, there has to be a minimum.  If we send movers out for less than 2 hours, since we don't charge the customer for the time to/from our warehouse, the move is a loss for the company when you have payroll, fuel, taxes, insurance, vehichle maintenance and so on.  The quote manager will either do a 2 hour or a 3 hour minimum based on location, date and time.  

Is my email or phone number given out?  NO.  Your information is only for our use.  We do not sell or give out your email or phone number.  

The moving company declined my move.  There are several factors why your move could be declined, the primary reason is haggling over all ready below industry moving rates, but we always give immediate notice so that you may find another company.  If your move is declined, it is usually prior to confirmation and scheduling.  We reserve the right not to accept the move the same as you have the right to either choose or not to use our company.  The only reason your move would be declined after confirmation and scheduling, is if you try to get the price of your move changed or if your emails show a possible attitude or unreasonableness that would suggest that on moving day, there may be issues.  

Should I tip?  As with any service industry, tipping is encouraged if you are happy with the service.  The movers, with our low rates, make basic pay, so tipping definitely helps.  

Insurance? Our insurance is actually above industry standards.  For example, most companies insure according to the number of pounds.  Industry standard is .60 per pound.  So if a moving company breaks your 55 LCD tv that weighs 30 pounds, you get $18.  With our insurance, if breakage occurs during transportation, you will get 100% of the replacement cost (based on the worth of the item on moving day - not the new cost).  If breakage occurs during handling, then 50% of the move cost is applied or .60 cents per pound, whichever is greater!  For minor damage to items, like a picture frame breaking, there is usually up to a 10% discount unless your move was already discounted.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WITH OUR INSURANCE, DAMAGES MUST BE REPORTED PRIOR TO THE MOVERS LEAVING.  

Why can't I file a claim after the movers leave?  The moving industry has always had a problem with false claims.  If the movers have already left, there is no way of knowing if they actually did the damage or if there was any damage at all.  The customer is present while unloading and is usually directing the movers where to place items so the customer is well aware on most items if they arrived safely.  To be sure, check your items prior to the movers leaving.  

Certificate of Insurance for condo associations. We will glady send a certificate of insurance.  However, if your association needs to be named certificate holder, the cost is $80 and a minimum of a 14 day notice.